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Deptford Market


I spent a very cold hour one Thursday morning, enjoying the sights and smells of Deptford Market with my Contax Aria, my new trusty sidekick. The Aria is much smaller than the Contax 645, which makes it easier to approach strangers in new situations, while still being able to shoot film. I’m warming up for a bigger documentary project. Well, actually two…but that’s another story.


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  1. another amazing eerie.
    Thanks 4 share.
    Have a nice night.


  2. Lovely to see you here Kirstin – I’ve only just started this blogging business! Your images look fab and the projects sound VERY exciting!


  3. I have never “met” another person that is as diptych happy as I am. I absolutely loved stumbling upon your photos on flickr and coming over here. There is such joy in pairing up colors and shapes and putting them in the right context with each other. You do such a lovely lovely job. Loved coming here.


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