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  1. Kirstin, I love this. It reminds me so much of going to the library with my dad when I was younger, to pick our books to take home and read. He still visits the same library – I asked him last year if he’d like a kindle – he was not in the slightest bit interested. Can’t say I blame him!


    • Debby, thank you. I have to admit I had been putting off visiting the library for quite a while as I knew it would be different from my childhood memories of it. My mother isn’t interesting in kindles either, but I can’t imagine not having one myself!


  2. I love this library it has so much character. My children love to visit the local library and I am glad they have one. I grew up in Algeria and we had no public library and I missed it dearly. I love your work!


    • Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, I used to spend all my time in the library but of course with the internet, there isn’t quite the need nowadays.


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