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Blossom in Greenwich Park


After a particularly long day at work and with the sun still shining, Miles and I headed to the park to see the blossom. But which camera to take? The lovely Cara has been encouraging me to shoot some film with my Contax 645 so I packed it and a roll of film. I am in love with the results. Every shot was a winner. Thank you Cara for the push! And to Suzi for your words. Always.

CNV00009v2CNV00006v2 CNV00012v2 CNV00005v2CNV00015v2

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  1. All of these fill me with pure joy.

    And thank you for your friendship x


  2. Great photos as usual !
    I hope to find a nice day like this when I’m in London June 8 to 11.


      • fingers and toes.
        Here in Italy seems to fall.
        If I do not see the sun soon I think I’ll go crazy.
        Have a nice day.

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