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You can never have too many cameras


I’ve been eyeing the Polaroid Land cameras for a long while now. I have to admit, the sheer volume of models slightly worried me. How would I ever be able to choose the right one? But after borrowing one from David, my uber mentor in all things photographic , I was determined to get one for myself. So after months of reading up on them, I finally chose the Polaroid Land Model 250 as it seemed a reliable and ¬†favourite model of many.

There is something about pulling out the film is quite addictive. I had the whole family count the seconds on our picnic in oxford until I could unpeel the film and we all watched as the image was revealed. Yes, there will be more fun with this camera over the summer, as I have some serious learning to do. There are so many dials and knobs to twiddle. But it’s good fun! And I adore that there’s something about the images which immediately takes me to the past.

img015 img010 img013 img014